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Company: Trimble Funeral Homes - Russellville
Service Category: Funerals
Point of Contact: Kyle Trimble Russellville, MO 65074, USA
The commitment of Trimble Funeral Homes - Russellville to value, excellence, and high standards.
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Trimble Funeral Homes - Russellville is dedicated to affordability, quality, and high standards. They offer the only crematory in the county. Since 1942, they have had a mission to provide the highest level of care. The team follows the highest standards of professionalism, guiding families through their suffering and loss. The licensed funeral directors use their vast experience to listen to each family and arrange a service that will be memorable and healing. The crematory was added in 2015 and includes a large gathering room for families to say goodbye. The family-owned business is committed to honoring the life and legacy of each deceased person needing end-of-life care.

Trimble Funeral Homes - Russellville offers cremation at the self-owned crematory. The licensed funeral directors are meticulous at following the strict guidelines that ensurethe ashes of your loved one are returned to you. Perhaps you choose direct cremation as a low-cost cremation and respectable way to lay your loved one to rest or cremation with a memorial ceremony to offer a gathering service. You can implement traditions for military honors and veteran services in each case.

In addition, traditional funeral services offer a series of events such as visitations, funeral services, and graveside services. For a more modern option, life celebrations allow you to throw a party and include any ideas you have. Choose an outdoor venue with music and dancing, or keep it inside with good food and great company.

Trimble Funeral Homes - Russellville can offer services to Jefferson City, Holts Summit, Westphalia, Freeburg, Loose Creek, Argyle, Marys Home, Wardsville, Rich Fountain, St. Thomas, Saint Martins, Centertown, Russellville, Lohman, High Point, Eugene, and Brazito. Choose from a variety of permanent memorialization options like caskets, urns, memorial monuments, markers, and vaults. Let the family team make arrangements for military honors and veteran services if you need them.

Trimble Funeral Homes - Russellville can start now with pre-planning funeral services for an aging loved one or your own service. Make plans years in advance, choosing burial or cremation, permanent memorialization, and even flowers and catering choices. The funeral home is located at 5414 Simpson St Russellville, MO 65074. Give them a call at (573) 782-4815.

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